13th Post September 17, 2017

Welcome back faithful readers. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I just got back a few hours ago from a great Sunday brunch. My wife and I went to a nearby eatery called Black Finn, which sponsored a benefit for the local humane society. We enjoyed an all you can eat brunch with sausage, […]

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12th Post September 11, 2017

Common sense. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important virtues. Yes, let’s call it a virtue, as in, a good thing. As promised in my very first blog, I will stay away from politics, so we are all free to form our own opinions about, well everything. Let’s try this on for […]

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11th Post September 4th, 2017

Bye-bye summer and hello glorious autumn. As I write this week’s blog, I am looking out my third-floor office window at some changing elms, maples and birch trees. Just beyond them are some golfers wearing sweaters and wind breakers. My window is open and I can smell the fresh fall weather. Love it. Today is […]

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10th Post August 25, 2017

Hello friends. Welcome to my 10th blog post. I had a bit of bad news this past week. One of my favorite restaurants almost burned down. Shipwrecked Pub in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin had a fire in the second floor, but luckily it was contained. They said they will rebuild, which is good news, because it […]

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9th Post August 21, 2017

“The Ancient Egyptian god of creation, Amun, is believed to reside inside the sun. So is the Akan creator deity, Nyame and the Dogon deity of creation, Nommo. Also in Egypt, there was a religion that worshiped the sun directly, and was among the first monotheistic religions: Atenism.” Whew, isn’t Google great. Okay, so you […]

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8th Post August 15, 2017

“Call me Ishmael”. These are three of the most famous opening words ever written. It is, of course the opening line to Melville’s masterpiece, Moby Dick. It was the first movie I ever saw on the big screen. I was seven years old and my mom took me to see it at the old Belmont […]

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