21st Post February 11, 2018

Did you watch the opening ceremonies in PyeongChang, South Korea? My wife and I thought they were quite stunning. I find it difficult to compare them to past openings. Each one is so different, and always has such grandiose displays. This year I was very impressed with the use of drones, to form immense figures, […]

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20th Post January 29th, 2018

Summer or winter? Not the season, the Olympics. Most of us have a favorite. Even though I have lived in the upper mid-west all my life, and have experienced plenty of ice, snow and freezing temperatures, I prefer the summer games. As a  teen, I ran track in the warm months and competed in most […]

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19th Post January 14th, 2018

He’s back. Hello everyone and happy playoff Sunday. I hope your team is in the hunt for the coveted Lombardi trophy. My Green Bay Packers went down in a ball of flames this year, so I decided to rout for the underdog Buffalo Bills. That lasted just 60 football minutes in round one, so who […]

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18th Post November 21st, 2017

Our minds were linked to an Avatar as we rode on a Banshee through Pandora, and were entertained by a little mermaid and lobster, under the sea. We soared over the Alps, the Great wall of China, and the Eiffel Tower. A hitch-hiking ghost followed us home and Dame Judy Dench time-traveled with us through […]

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17th Post November 2, 2017

Giant poisonous toads are spreading throughout Florida, and you should probably keep your pets away from them. These invasive toads can grow to 10 inches long. When they feel threatened, the toads excrete a milky poison that oozes from their skin, which can be deadly to animals. While down here in Orlando my wife, Dar, […]

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16th Post October 25, 2017

Hello from not-so-sunny Orlando. It’s been hot, humid, partly sunny and partly rainy down here since we arrived on Friday. Feels like Florida to me. No worries, I for one, don’t mind living in a sauna. It loosens up these old bones to a perfect suppleness. We took our time driving down this time, with […]

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15th Post October 12, 2017

Hi everyone, and happy Thursday evening. It looks like the beautiful fall weather we’ve been enjoying has slapped us back to reality. I don’t know about you folks, but here in cheese head country it’s been cool and wet. I watched the Cubs battle the Nat’s on TV yesterday, and the fans looked to be […]

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